It is a common practice in organizations that work with both animals and children to offer a personalized memento of the animal in the form of a trading card. Such collectible cards are perfect for our S.T.A.R. teams, since our program already has a sports-oriented theme

  • It is a tangible and fun reminder of the sessions, encouraging the bond we’re working to build between child and dog. With multiple cards per dog, a child could start a collection, selecting a new one at each session (Note: We may have one to twelve sessions with a child before the family is relocated.)
  • The parts of the card that are not specific to a particular dog give us
    (1) a way to capture information about dogs as “Fun Facts” and
    (2) a way to remind the child of our “Trainer’s Promise”.

As teams begin actively working in the community, we want to provide each handler with a pack of 50 trading cards for their dog – ten copies each of five different cards.

We’ve identified a cost-effective way to produce short runs of these colorful cards (thank you Right Angle Digital Print & Supply!).

Support Your Team!

Here’s your chance to help! For just $25.00 you can sponsor one 50-card pack of your favorite pooch’s trading cards. Because we are a 501(c)(3) organization, your kindness will be completely tax-deductible.

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