Thank you, Supporters!

Because our community partners operate on tight budgets, we do not charge them a penny for our visits. We are grateful to the following people and organizations whose kind support allows us to do this:

Grants and Organizational Gifts

The Latham Foundation
Employees Community Fund of Boeing
Petco Foundation
Rotary Club of Portland
IDEXX Laboratories
  • The Latham Foundation grant early fall 2020  will underwrite our growth for both existing teams and clients, and for future ones!
  • The Boeing Portland Employees Community Fund gave us a lovely grant in early fall 2020 to purchase tablets for use in our  work – this will kickstart our work during the pandemic! #boeinginspires
  • Helping Heroes Charitable grants from Petco Foundation, our 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019/2020 S.T.A.R. Team Training Series Sponsor.
  • Rotary Club of Portland  awarded us $1,200 in 2017  for equipment to make our work safer and more efficient!
  • Fidelity Charitable grants in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018
  • Our friends Columbia River Pet Partners, now disbanded, chose us as one of the beneficiaries to receive the proceeds of their asset liquidation in August 2018: $2,500!
  • Marysville School Girls on the Run of Portland Metro team


Business Support

Members of our Community

  • All you anonymous but fabulous supporters through the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program,  iGive  and AmazonSmile online shoppers.
  • And all you AMAZING supporters who donate via the Benevity Impact Fund, United Way, PayPal Give, and YourCause. We don’t always find out who you are, but we treasure you!
  • Carolyn Baines
  • Hazel Griffith – Jurden Family Trust
  • Kendra Jacobson
  • Portland Chapter of the Oregon Association of Tax Consultants
  • Debbie Gibbons
  • Donna Golshan
  • Amber Shirey

Encouragement, Inspiration, Props, Equipment, Services, Site and Supplies


Past Donors

The Sherwood Dog Training ClubColumbia River Cairn Terrier Club
  • Paul Lyons
  • John and Alison Marvin
  • Suzanne Moore‐Ullrich
  • Janet Wishart Black
  • Chela Sloper
  • Jett Wyatt
  • Dodie and Gordon King
  • Cindy Miller, Cat Behaviorist
  • Sandy and Gary Ragsdale
  • Linda Keast
  • Marty Deer
  • Bob Robison and Cheryl L. Bristah
  • Katherine Hearn
  • Lori Bright-Pryor
  • Lauren Calvert
  • Andrew Harris, Director of Big Horn Brass
  • Tualatin Daisy Troop 10254
  • Sharon Lannigan
  • Sherwood Dog Training Club
  • Ellie Wyckoff, Professional Obedience Trainer
  • Troy J. May and Kama C. May
  • Deborah Wood
  • Remember the Wounded Ride
  • Linda Mehlig
  • Chris Shank of Cockatoo Downs, who donated a 3-day registration to the 2015 ClickerExpo (!!!)
  • Sherri Goldstein
  • Jeffrey Lin