Our Supporters

Because our community partners operate on tight budgets, we do not charge them a penny for our visits. We are grateful to the following people and organizations whose kind support allows us to do this:

Business Support

 Monetary Supporters

Grants and Organizational Gifts

Members of our Community

  • Portland Chapter of the Oregon Association of Tax Consultants 
  • Donna Golshan – via Benevity!
  • Lori Bright-Pryor – via Benevity!
  • Lauren Calvert
  • Rachel Sutton
  • Paul Lyons
  • John and Alison Marvin
  • Suzanne Moore‐Ullrich
  • Janet Wishart Black
  • Chela Sloper
  • Jett Wyatt
  • Anonymous donor through Benevity
  • Catlin Gabel School
  • Dodie and Gordon King
  • Cindy Miller, Cat Behaviorist
  • Sandy and Gary Ragsdale
  • Linda Keast
  • Marty Deer
  • Bob Robison and Cheryl L. Bristah
  • Katherine Hearn
  • Anonymous but fabulous supporters through the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program,  iGive  and AmazonSmile online shoppers.

Past Donors

The Sherwood Dog Training ClubColumbia River Cairn Terrier Club

Tualatin Daisy Troop 10254 April 14, 2016

Tualatin Daisy Troop 10254, April 14, 2016

Training Partners

  • The gentle residents of West Hills Village, who help design, rehearse and troubleshoot  the games we later play with children

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