Dog Safety

ST77 presenter logoUNCOMFORTABLE FACT: Children are three times more likely than adults to be a victim of a dog attack. 77% of dog bites come from the FAMILY dog or a FRIEND’S dog.

Most dog bite victims are children, who don’t necessarily know how to be safe around dogs or what cues to watch out for. This is an area where we consider ALL children to be “at-risk”!

We’re licensed presenters of two fine dog safety programs, described below.

Our Dog Safety Programs

We are proud to offer not one, but TWO dog safety programs suitable for group presentations to elementary and kindergarten audiences:

The Family Dog

These videos, which summarize information presented by one of our handlers during the presentation, will give you a feel for the high-energy and humor of this program.

“Dog Stars” (Elementary School)


“I Speak Doggie” (Preschool)


Stop the 77

Remember that 77% of dog bites come from the FAMILY dog or a FRIEND’S dog.



The Be a Tree™ Program

We are one of the local sources for the Be a Tree™ Program is a fun and interactive dog safety program for children that teaches them how to read dog body language and be safe around dogs. There are no live dogs involved, easing logistical problems for schools.

The program is administered by Doggone Safe, a non-profit organization dedicated to dog bite prevention through education, and dog bite victim support. The Be a Tree program is a leader in dog bite prevention programming. More than half a million children have experienced the program, which has the support of veterinary medical associations and veterinary technician/technologist associations.

Local Clients

The entire first and second grade of McKay Elementary (Beaverton, Oregon) – 120 kids – were trained to “Be-A-Tree” in four classes held October 16-17, 2012. The counselor hoped that this dog-safety program could become an ongoing part of her annual “Safety Week” for incoming first graders.

Program Content

The program is broken down into two main parts:

Part 1: Teaching Segment (15-20 min)

The presenter uses large format photos to teach the children about how to read dog body language and how to act safely around dogs. The kids learn how to use the tools they have in their head to keep themselves safe. During the session they get to practice how to “be a tree” several times.

Part 2: Practicing Segment (15-20 min)

This is the really fun part! The class engages in interactive games and role playing to practice what they have learned.

Dog Bite Prevention with Dr. Sophia Yin

One of our favorite sources of child-appropriate material (videos and handouts) concerning safe interactions with dogs was Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS.  Here is a video interview about dog bite prevention: