Before You Contact Us, Are You Looking For a DIFFERENT KIND of Help?

A Therapy Team for a Healthcare Facility, Stress-Relief Event, or Read-To-The-Dogs?

If you are contacting us concerning more traditional forms of therapy visits (on-leash, primarily comfort-giving) or Read to the Dogs, we happily refer you to the PACTT (Portland Area Canine Therapy Teams ), the wonderful DoveLewis/Guide Dogs for the Blind collaboration. We have the highest respect for this organization. CLICK HERE for more suggestions….

Information for a High School/College/Grad School Assignment?
We love to support students, but because our resources are spread pretty thin, we have constraints you need to be willing to work with before you contact us.
(1) We require contact information for your teacher/advisor so we may supply them with direct feedback.
(2) Do not expect us to be able help if you’re working on your report/project at the last minute. Don’t even ask.
(3) Don’t expect to be able to observe an actual intervention session unless you are also willing to satisfy the security requirements of our clients (background check, non-disclosure agreement, sometime specific training, etc.). And finally
(4) We would like a copy of the finished assignment.
Do You Seek the Help of a Team to Work With A Family Member?

First, contact the professional (therapist, counselor, teacher, etc.) who is charged with helping your family member, and suggest that they contact us to discuss whether we are a good fit for your situation. We work ONLY under the guidance of a professional, so this is a vital step. It may help to remind them that we do not charge for our services.

Are You Looking for Help Finding/Training a Service Dog?

Please CLICK HERE for a 2-page list of local service dog resources. This is NOT a complete list, but it will give you a place to start.

Not included in that list, but containing useful information: A Guide to Psychiatric Service Dogs

Are you asking us to add a link to our Resources page?

As a matter of policy we do not include links of any sort to/for entities for whom we cannot personally vouch. We have too frequently been the target of bots sending us heartwarming stories, encouraging us to include a link to what turn out to be pages on commercial websites trying to boost their ratings. We regret having to take this stance because it means that we will miss out on LEGITIMATE suggestions from people we have not yet met, and that makes us sad.

If we’re still what you’re looking for

We welcome your questions and comments. Please feel free to contact us in the way you find most convenient.

Message Phone Number:  971-266-1505 EITHER TEXT OR  LEAVE A VOICEMAIL MESSAGE 
(We will be honest – without an office staff, this is the SLOWEST way to reach us)
Email: (and this is the fastest way to reach us)

NEW Mailing Address:
The Little Dog Laughed Animal-Assisted Therapy
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