Our Supporters

Because our clients operate on tight budgets, we do not charge them a penny for our visits. We are grateful to the following people and organizations whose kind support allows us to do this:

Program Supporters

  • For the second year Whitebridge Pet Brands (AKA Cloud Star) has sent us one case each of their Chewy Tricky Trainers – Liver, Salmon and Cheddar! We love you, Cloud Star!

Western Pet Supply

  • Western Pet Supply offers our team a 10% discount on their purchases when they identify themselves. Last year they allowed us to practice in their warehouse area for eight months – we are hoping that after their remodel we can try that again.

 Monetary Supporters


Petco Foundation

Members of our Community

Past Donors

Tualatin Daisy Troop 10254 April 14, 2016

Tualatin Daisy Troop 10254, April 14, 2016

Training Partners

  • The gentle residents of West Hills Village, who help design, rehearse and troubleshoot  the games we later play with children
  • The youths at HomePlate drop-in sites, who help our dogs learn to work in new environments and help our newer handlers get over “ring nerves”.

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