The following testimonials are from the counselors we team with at Parry Center, Raphael House of Portland, Monika’s House, and McKay Elementary.

November 22, 2016

“For the past four years, The Little Dog Laughed has been facilitating weekly groups for school aged youth living in our emergency shelter. Over the years, many families have highlighted the positive impact that participating in The Little Dog Laughed’s Train the Dog groups has had on youth participants’ confidence and engagement. We believe that the program models and reinforces what safe and supportive relationships can look like, as well as helping youth to learn to recognize and respect boundaries. Although this organization addresses the issue of family violence from a different angle than most members, it seems like it would be a valuable addition to the Family Violence Coordinating Council by adding to its youth lens.”

Lindsey Vold
Youth Program Coordinator
Raphael House of Portland

December 4, 2014

“I’m sorry that X was sick. I know he has been looking forward to meeting with you and Lindy. I am happy that he is demonstrating empathy as well. He has definitely been doing better with that lately. Your work with X has been one of the only bright spots of his week. I greatly appreciate your flexibility and patience with all that comes with this work …

I often have children asking to work with you. I can start writing down the names and talking with parents and guardians… I have been really impressed with the work that you do, and would love to help you expand the program here at the Parry Center.”

Joby Mahto, MSW, CSWA
Child & Family Therapist
Parry Center
Trillium Family Services

November 12, 2013

“The Little Dog Laughed program provides the children in our program with a reliable, positive relationship to tether them through a sea of change. The youth who participate learn valuable skills and gain a sense of accomplishment and capability through their work with Linda and Eli.”

Evanna Bradley-Tschirgi, MA
Children’s Advocate
Monika’s House Shelter
Domestic Violence Resource Center

November 2011

“Working with Eli has helped our students learn skills in getting along with others, such as being respectful and influencing others in positive ways. It has been a unique opportunity to teach social skills in a new way, adding to the school’s anti-bullying and violence prevention curriculum.”

Gillian Dyall
MS, Clinical Psychology
SchoolCounselor, McKay Elementary
Beaverton Oregon

“I just wanted to let you know that the dog training was a big hit. N. learned how to be more aware of our dog’s actions and how he was reacting to her. She learned how to command and how to follow through with our dog. She is simply able to do better as well with humans. She has learned how to read people and their reactions to situations and has been able to stand up and get her information out to the other person.

I hope this will continue next year. N. was not aware that she was learning while she was teaching the dog the commands. Thank you for allowing N. to be in this class – it was a winner!!”

Parent of a participating McKay Elementary child