Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors includes professionals with many backgrounds – each enriches our understanding of how we can contribute most effectively.

  • Linda Keast, Director / Chief S.T.A.R. Handler
  • Tina Arth
  • Robert Robison, S.T.A.R. Handler
  • Lori Gamroth, S.T.A.R. Handler

Received April 22, 2013

Received April 22, 2013

Association of Professional Dog Trainers

  • Professional Member:  Assoc. of Professional Dog Trainers
  • Canine Sport Competitor:
    • AKC and UKC Obedience/Rally (Utility/Excellent)
    • AKC Agility (Excellent B level before Eli retired)
    • Flyball (Flyball Master level before Eli retired)
    • Canine Freestyle (Intermediate level)
    • K9 Nose Work®  (Nose Work 1 title – Lili)
    • Barn Hunt (RATN – Eli)
    • Do More With Your Dog “Trick Dog” (Eli and Lili at Expert level)

  • BA, English
  • Retired Director of Physical Science Student Affairs, UC Irvine
  • Judge for 12 years in the Music and Arts Program. for Youth
  • Member, Board of Directors, Animal Aid, Inc.

  • BA, Social Work and MA, Public Administration
  • Crime Victims Services Manager, Retired, Multnomah County Community Justice
  • Taught undergraduate criminology students about working with crime victims, Portland State University
  • Proud owner of Dylan the Wonder Dog, his fourth Golden Retriever

      • BS in Elementary Education, MS in Curriculum and Instruction, Spec. in Early Childhood
      • 30+ years of teaching and working with children and families in a variety of formal and informal settings
      • Former Child Development Instructor with NW Nannies
      • Former CASA for Yamhill County
      • Community Trainer for Oregon Registry for Childhood Care and Education
      • Positive Discipline Parent Educator
      • Taught conflict resolution for adults through the Oregon State Extension

Advisory Board

  • Giang Pham - Training Director
  • Samantha Balmes - Volunteer Coordinator
  • Linda Hamilton
  • Kristin Lewallen
  • Sally Simon (on medical leave)

Association of Professional Dog Trainers

      • MFA, Theatre Arts at Harvard University & Moscow Art Theatre School
      • KPA-CTP Certified Dog Trainer
      • Owner of Lucky Pooch et Vous private dog training
      • 18 years of animal rescuing and fostering
      • Member of Columbia Agility Team
      • Professional Member of  Assoc. of Professional Dog Trainers 

      • JD from Vermont Law School with certification in International Comparative Legal Systems and emphasis on Environmental Lay (licensed in Vermont and Washington)
      • BAA in International Business from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, with second emphasis on French and a Paralegal certification
      • 5 years as pro bono counsel for animal nonprofits
      • 15 years experience in event coordination and fundraising, event coordination, and volunteer management
      • 4 years experience as a Girl Scout leader

Association of Professional Dog Trainers

      • BA, Psychology and MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
      • Clinical Specialist II at ProtoCall Services, Inc.
      • 9 years of experience working with at-risk youth
      • Trained in Trauma Informed Care and Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

    • MSW in Clinical Social Work
    • LCSW – Inactive (retired)
    • Past Children’s Program Coordinator in a domestic violence shelter in Houston
    • Over 30 years clinical and managerial experience in variety of inpatient and  outpatient treatment settings with children, adolescents and adults of all ages
    • Knowledge of mental health, chemical dependency and medical issues